Lockdown Habits Part 1

Working from home

Living during the COVID-19 coronavirus has caused us to change many of our daily habits and decisions which we often to to take for granted when going about our daily lives.

  • Which clothes do I wear for work?
  • Where shall I buy my coffee today?
  • Where to go for lunch?
  • What time do I need to leave the office to go home?

This led to us both living and working in the same space, without having much opportunity to separate these parts of our lives. The lines have blurred significantly leading to leaving little space to leave your work at the office, since the office is now your spare bedroom or some other random place where you live.

Personally I use to use my journey time to decompress after a busy day this could take the form of reading, listening to a podcast or falling asleep for a cat nap. If I was lucky enough I may bump into someone I know and have a friendly conversation on many a topic.

In the summer months I would sometimes run home part of the journey to sneak in some exercise on the way home. Or go to my favourite bootcamp class at lunchtime since I find a lunchtime workout gives me an injection of serotonin to heighten my motivation for the afternoon ahead (likewise an early morning workout is another favourite!)

Lockdown as a result has led to us all suffering in many different ways and one thing which has helped me through this is to constantly adapt my habits in order to maintain some kind of normality and healthy lifestyle. It is not easy, some days and weeks are better than others too. The summer months gives us more daylight and therefore more time to get out etc. Who would have thought working at home was so difficult!

Here are a few tips:

  • Get in an early workout of your choice – I use an app called FitOn which provides guided workouts based on your preference and intensity. First thing in the morning I aim for 20-30 minutes in the winter months. During the summer I’ll head out for an early morning run.
  • Adapt your working space – sitting, standing, use different rooms if you can.
  • Movement – I used to walk 10k steps a day easily. These days I may not even do half if stuck on Zoom calls all day. Move around as much as you can where you live.
  • Get outside – Go for a walk to get some fresh air. You could walk the (home) office by taking a 10 minute walk before logging on in the morning. Or even take a Zoom call whilst out for a walk (not always possible, but worth a try)
  • Take time-out – Don’t forget to take a break for lunch, exercise or to reflect or gather your thoughts. It is too easy to keep trying to work at full pace since we cannot be seen by our colleagues.
  • Check-in with colleagues (and friends) – A quick call, text, or any other random act of kindness. Show someone how much you appreciate them.

There are many more things I can write about here but here are some things which have worked for me. Hope they help you too. More to come, to be continued….